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Midori Lab. Outline

 We explore the mystery of Natural Products. Natural products have beautiful structures and amazing bioactivities beyond human knowledge. Our interest is control of cell fates using Chemical Biology based on Natural Products. This laboratory focuses on isolation of bioactive molecules from natural resources and development of regenerative medicines and anti-tumor agents by organic synthesis. We also explore unknown biological phenomenon through the mode of action of compounds.

教授 荒井緑

Professor Midori A. Arai

Academic Career

B.S., 1995, The University of Tokyo; Ph.D., 2000, The University of Tokyo (advisor: Masakatsu Shibasaki); Postdoctoral Training, 2000-2003, Osaka University (advisor: Hiroaki Sasai); 2001-2002, Harvard University (advisor: Stuart L. Schreiber); 2003-2004, RIKEN (advisor: Yukishige Ito); Assistant Professor, 2004-2006, Teikyo University; Associate Professor, 2006-2019, Chiba University; Professor, 2020-, Keio University; Visiting Associate Professor, 2010-2011, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University.

Our current research interests:

  1. Explore new natural products by activation of cryptic genes.
  2. Cell fate control of cancer and neural stem cells.
  3. Create novel natural product-based synthetic compounds.
  4. Development of new system for search bioactive natural products.


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